Vinyl And Its Uses

Oracal 651

Adhesive “Permanent” outdoor vinyl, car decals, cup decals, wood signs, etc. 5-year outdoor rating

Oracal 631

Adhesive ”Temporary” indoor vinyl-wall decals, wood signs, etc. 3-year indoor rating.

Oracal 6510

Adhesive Intense fluorescence at daylight exposure makes it ideal for advertising. For short-term applications, i.e., decals and yard signs, etc.

Oracal 8510

Adhesive Impression of etched, cut or sandblasted glass. Used for the decoration of shop windows and glass doors. Suitable for use on cutting systems. 7-year rating.

FDC 3700 and GT

Adhesive A “Glitter” version of Oracal 651 for Car Decals, cups, etc. 5-year Outdoor Rating

Siser Easyweed

Heat Transfer Vinyl or referred to as “HTV.” Used for making shirts, socks, putting on stuffed animals, etc. Applied with an iron or heat press. Has its carrier sheet for transferring. Cut shiny side down and REVERSE(Mirror)cut.

Thermoflex Plus and Metal Flake

Similar to Siser Easyweed with increased stretching capabilities. More subtle than soft. Seems to “blend” more naturally with materials.

Siser Easyweed Glitter

Identical applications like Siser Easyweed, however with thicker stock and more glitter.


Thermoflex’s Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) shares properties and uses with Siser Easyweed and Thermoflex.

Chemica Pattern Heat Transfer Vinyl

Shares properties of Siser Easyweed and Thermoflex but with fun patterns. Has its carrier sheet for transferring.

Vinyl, such as Oracal 651, has many uses, including outdoor usage

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